Meet Anthony Skinner

Anthony was drawn into Osteopathy following a period of unrelenting back pain in his teens.   The spasms would prevent him from focusing on his work and enjoying his social life in Running, Swimming and Tennis.  Through several months of treatment from an Osteopath, he gained a new lease of life.  From his back pain experience, he can certainly empathise with anyone who has endured pain lasting months!

Anthony trained for 5 years and gained his Masters degree in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO), based in Maidstone, Kent.

Anthony takes the time to get an understanding of what you and your body have been through. He listens to you and examines the structures with palpation and other tests, to assess how he can help you move forward towards better function.  He uses a variety of safe, gentle and effective approaches to osteopathic treatment, including, but not limited to, adjustments, Cranial and Visceral techniques. Anthony also has a Foundation Qualification in Western Acupuncture, which is commonly used to address painful Muscle Knots known as Trigger Points.

When not in the practice, Anthony enjoys Climbing and Swimming – his favourite way to get a full body workout. He has a long history of being a strong and confident swimmer, holding a bronze medal in Mixed Medley Relay at National level.

‘Do as you would be done by’ is Anthony’s favourite quote and one which he lives by every day. This quote is especially relevant as an Allied Healthcare Practitioner, as he would always expect the highest quality of care when he sees a Health Professional and therefore ensures he will provide you with such.