Aude Membribe

Aude Membribe


I use a caring and dedicated approach to help people deal with issues in an efficient and timely manner, going the extra mile to make their experience as pleasant as it can be in sometimes, difficult circumstances.

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Having seen my father receive the benefits of Osteopathy for years as he trained in martial arts, it made me realise that osteopathy was the perfect career for me. It was the perfect combination between being able to help people take back control of their body, help to manage and overcome their pain as well as create a community that will encourage people to improve their life and their health.

I love how osteopathy has so many layers, allowing me, as a practitioner, to tailor my approach to my patients and make, with them, the best decision for their health and their bodies. Osteopathy considers the body as a whole and I am always really dedicated to finding the source of the pain in my patients to achieve their best version of health inside and outside the treatment room.

I enjoy treating all sorts of patients from elderly patients to babies, pregnant and post-partum women, adapting my techniques from a wide range of skills. Each injury and the reason for the injury is different, therefore the way I treat that injury is unique to the person. I love to figure out the best combination to suit the person in front of me and help them on their incredible journey to recovery.

Treatment room
Treatment room

I also really enjoy treating extremities (hands, wrists, feet and ankles), as these are often regions that are neglected and play an important part in the body kinetic chains and reduction of pain in other areas.

I use of wide variety of techniques from the really gentle and subtle techniques called functional techniques to techniques involving muscle power, tissue massage and adjustments.

I team up with my patients and involve them in every stage of the process and make sure that I take their hopes, expectations and fears into account so that we will only pursue something that will be enjoyable and comfortable. It is a partnership so we can achieve the best results together.

I enjoy swimming and try to do so regularly (I used to compete in my younger days). I enjoy doing yoga and fitness to try to keep a healthy mind in a healthy body, taking walks in the countryside and being surrounded by nature. Writing and putting my thoughts and emotions on paper is my passion, which often takes the form of prose or philosophical writing. I also dabble in drawing and singing and love being around people.