Valerie Legat

Valerie Legat


Valerie trained as an Osteopath following a shoulder injury in her teens.  She has great empathy for her patients and enjoys helping them overcome their struggles.  She will team up with you to explore how best to get results for your personal presentation.

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Education & Training

Valerie graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) with a M.Ost (Hons) Masters in Osteopathy.

Having a keen interest in biology, Valerie was inspired to study Osteopathy for it’s physiological effects on the body as a whole. Her approach to the body is holistic which was inspired by an Osteopath in Belgium who helped her when she injured her shoulder whilst competitively swimming as a teenager.

After several sessions of treatment on her whole body, and not just her shoulder, Valerie was able to return to swimming competitively resulting in her training and qualifying as a swimming teacher before pursuing Osteopathy and becoming an Osteopath in Kings Hill.

Valerie treating
Valerie treating

Valerie Legat – osteopath Kings Hill

Valerie has experience with patients of all ages  and walks of life since working in practice in both Tenderden and London.  Her youngest patient has been only 1 week old and her eldest 92 years of age.  She adapts her skills to the patient’s needs and prides herself on the rapport she builds with each person.

Valerie completed her dissertation on migraines allowing her greater understanding into this debilitating condition. As a sufferer herself, she understands the importance of optimising the function of the body to minimise occurrence of symptoms.

Valerie is an avid climber at the weekends, both indoors and outdoors – a sport she discovered whilst at College. She also enjoys crafts in the form of knitting and sewing when time allows.


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