Types of Headache

Headaches - man holding head

Headaches fall into multiple categories: Dehydration, exercise-induced, tension or stress-related headaches, cervicogenic, sinus, migraine, referral, hormonal, rebound, postural, pressure, vascular or cluster. Each headache has its own characteristics and can range from mild to debilitating resulting in taking medication to ease symptoms.


A diagnosis can be difficult without the appropriate training. As primary care physicians, each of our practitioners at Future Proof Care, are trained to perform a thorough history and examination to gain the correct diagnosis.


History and Examination

When a patient comes to the Practice, they will be asked questions regarding their presentation. This is known as ‘History’. This will help establish the type of headache that it is and if there are any patterns. Thereafter an examination will be performed. we will examine the head, neck, back, muscles, and posture.  Many mechanical, orthopaedic, neurological tests will be carried out to arrive at a diagnosis with clinical clarity of what is going on.

Some of the above conditions are referred for imaging or further testing to confirm the diagnosis if necessary. Patients are then, when appropriate, supported with treatment and educated on how to manage their presentation. 

How headaches present

Patients may describe the pain in their head as some of the following words, and each description points towards a certain type of headache. If you use any of these terms, book an appointment with one of our Practitioners at Future Proof Care, Kings Hill, West Malling.

  • Head feels too heavy for the neck
  • Unable to bend forward without pressure
  • painful on coughing, laughing sneezing
  • unable to tolerate light/noise
  • “Feels like spiders are crawling over my head”
  • Throbbing
  • Deep ache
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Need to lay down in a dark quiet room
  • Brain feels foggy / difficulty focusing
  • “Gets worse as the day goes on”
  • “I bang into things”
  • Pain at base of skull and goes over head
  • People sound muffled/distant
  • Feels like my brain is pushing out through my skull
  • “A lot of pressure in my head”
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • “Like a tight band around my head”
  • Pain at the front of my head
  • Feel nauseous/ vomit
  • Unco-ordinated or “clumsy”
  • Feels like I’m spinning/room is spinning
  • “I cant speak properly”.
  • Starts during the day and eases at night
  • “I go to bed normal and wake up with the headache”
  • Difficulty turning head
  • Unable to go to work

Why Choose us?

Not all Practitioners within the Chiropractic, Osteopathic or Physiotherapy professions treat headaches both directly AND indirectly. They may focus more on the area of discomfort in isolation. At Future Proof Care, we treat the body as a whole, thereby getting better results quicker.

We first establish what your pain is, why you have it, what can be done about it and how to get your back to function as quickly as possible. We are honest and act with integrity, keeping you, your goals and needs at the focus of our care

Don’t let head pain stop you living the life you deserve.  Our practitioners go beyond their training in Chiropractic and Osteopathy. We continually attend seminars and stay up to date with the latest research, sports injury and techniques, so our patients can get the best service.



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