Nick Lovett Avatar
Nick Lovett
09/07/2021 - Google

Been seeing Chidi for a while for a neck injury , if it wasn't for her experience in her field... read more

wood and resin designs Avatar
wood and resin designs
09/07/2021 - Google

Hobbled in with a disc problem and having spent 8 days in bed In agony I'm now 2 days later... read more

Steve West Avatar
Steve West
30/06/2021 - Google

Thank you so much for helping me with my injury. Valerie provided expert advice and treatment and also provided a... read more

Rebecca West Avatar
Rebecca West
30/06/2021 - Google

Cannot recommend their services enough. Such a friendly and welcoming environment. The two receptionists are lovely, very smiley and helpful.... read more

Rob G Avatar
Rob G
30/05/2021 - Google

I've been having treatment to help cure tight hamstrings and alignment/posture issues .Anthony is very good and thorough !I have... read more

Adam Shaw Avatar
Adam Shaw
30/05/2021 - Google

I have been having treatment with Anthony for the past 3 months due to problems with my neck and lower... read more

Mark Hughes Avatar
Mark Hughes
30/04/2021 - Google

I was recommended by my PT to go and see Future Proof and my word they did not disappoint. I... read more

Amanda Taber Avatar
Amanda Taber
30/04/2021 - Google

As a working mum juggling everything I never seemed to find time for myself. I first saw Anthony when I... read more

Lauren Lawson Avatar
Lauren Lawson
30/04/2021 - Google

Chidi is exceptional at what she does. I have been a patient at Future Proof Care for a number of... read more

Amanda Heywood Avatar
Amanda Heywood
30/04/2021 - Google

I have been having treatments with Anthony Skinner for 5 months and the progress is so good. When... read more

John Edwards Avatar
John Edwards
30/04/2021 - Google

Fantastic treatment at Future Proof Care.I’ve been treated by John for many years now. Any problem I’ve come across either... read more

Ruth Jeffrey Avatar
Ruth Jeffrey
30/04/2021 - Google

I have been seeing John Stewart at this Practice for many years.I have a problem with my back and John's... read more

claire lusher Avatar
claire lusher
30/04/2021 - Google

I thoroughly recommend Anthony from Future Proof Care. He is extremely knowledgeable and personable and has helped me recover... read more

Sara Wilson Avatar
Sara Wilson
30/04/2021 - Google

When I first met Anthony he was caring and listened well to my initial concerns. Treatment was discussed and I... read more

Keith Soper Avatar
Keith Soper
30/04/2021 - Google

Have had a great experience at Future Proof Care. Anthony has tailored treatment and exercises to my needs and... read more

Lee Keeper Avatar
Lee Keeper
30/04/2021 - Google

I have recently had some brilliant sessions with Anthony at Future Proof Care who has kindly repaired my lower back.... read more

Roger Hart Avatar
Roger Hart
30/03/2021 - Google

I first saw Chidi some 3 years ago when I was experiencing problems with my lower back. Chidi’s professionalism, knowledge,... read more

Ryan Ford Avatar
Ryan Ford
30/03/2021 - Google

I don’t normally leave reviews, but Future Proof Care is no normal practice. I have suffered daily with my back... read more

Danielle Edwards Avatar
Danielle Edwards
30/03/2021 - Google

I first came to see Valerie after 2 years of severe pain and restriction in my left shoulder , I... read more

Elizabeth Hitchcock Avatar
Elizabeth Hitchcock
30/03/2021 - Google

Chidi performed an extensive assessment of my back injury based on my medical history and explained the physiology and treatment... read more

Susan Lew Avatar
Susan Lew
30/03/2021 - Google

i started to see Leanda when Chidi was recovering from a broken ankle , both are amazing having sorted... read more

David Philo Avatar
David Philo
30/03/2021 - Google

I have found the treatments, service and levels of professionalism at Future Proof Care to be fantastic throughout. My back... read more

Sophie Moore Avatar
Sophie Moore
30/03/2021 - Google

I can’t recommend Future Proof Care enough to anyone who maybe thinking of booking an appointment. The whole team are... read more

74kato74 Avatar
30/03/2021 - Google

Absolutely fantastic experience. Very professional and friendly staff. Thanks for sorting out my bad back.Michal Koszowski

Yvonne Roberts Avatar
Yvonne Roberts
30/03/2021 - Google

I have been going to see Chidi for at least 5 years now, along with my mum before she passed.... read more

Lucy Gasper Avatar
Lucy Gasper
30/03/2021 - Google

Chidi has been fantastic in helping me to reduce the pain and discomfort that I have from day-to-day and allowed... read more

Jenny Richards Avatar
Jenny Richards
30/03/2021 - Google

Wow what can I say....after having been to several different physios, osteopaths etc I was reaching breaking point with back... read more

Hayley Rosario-Frost Avatar
Hayley Rosario-Frost
28/02/2021 - Google

Amazing team, caring, reassuring and positive with the issues i had with my back and leg.Since visiting John i am... read more

Andrew Gregory Avatar
Andrew Gregory
28/02/2021 - Google

After 25 years of working long hours in front of a computer (with bad posture) my back had pretty much... read more

Jane Sands Avatar
Jane Sands
28/02/2021 - Google

I had been doing too much, from replacing the sealant around my shower, to long screen time at a desk,... read more

Ginnie Atkins Avatar
Ginnie Atkins
28/02/2021 - Google

Marvellous practice I highly recommend them.

Kayleigh Lewis Avatar
Kayleigh Lewis
28/02/2021 - Google

Chidi has been so helpful with sorting my bad back and posture which I have struggled with for years after... read more

Simon Coulson Avatar
Simon Coulson
28/02/2021 - Google

Fantastic service, Chidi is a miracle worker, cured my pain straight away 🙂