Becky Morrish

Becky Morrish


Becky, Osteopath in Kings Hill, qualified with an M.Ost (Hons) in Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone. Prior to her pursuing a career in Osteopathy, she previously worked for 8 years as a data analyst in pensions, insurance and telecommunications.

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Inspired by her sister who is also an Osteopath, Becky’s career change seemed like a perfect way to both provide a positive impact on other people’s live and regain job satisfaction.

With her curiosity for analysis, Becky enjoys trying to work through all the clues to make the best possible plan for her patients. She personally hates being told she cannot do something, so wants to help people go out and continue doing the things they love for as long as possible.

Becky Morrish
Becky Morrish

Becky has experience in general clinic, headaches and sports performance and adapts her technique in accordance with the person in front of her to get the best results for that person.

Becky is extremely active and has been horse riding since the age of 3. She competes regularly in eventing and dressage. She has also competed in triathlons however she currently finds her training time consumed with long distance running. Becky therefore understands the logistics involved in making it to the start and finish line. In her ‘down time’ she enjoys walking every day with her Pomeranian.



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