Chidi Lynn

Chidi Lynn

Senior Practitioner

“Practice is about doing the best I can for the individual in front of me.  Conscious focussed application to your needs, injuries, and goals. Whether it’s supporting your body physically with treatment, educating you so you regain control, or emotionally listening and giving you actionable steps to help you cope with your current challenge.  It is important that someone has your back (pun intended) and I make it my duty to deliver all I can, so you get the most from each session” (Chidi Lynn).

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Who is Chidi Lynn?

Chidi Lynn (*MChiro (Hons), IIHHT, NMT) is the founder of Future Proof Care and Senior Practitioner within the business. She is also a Business Mentor and author of the book ‘The Next Step; Adjusting from student to Chiropractor’ as featured in her lectures to undergraduate students at Chiropractic College.

Chidi has been working with athletes, sports teams, bodybuilders, horse riders and corporations.   She as worked with amazing individuals from all backgrounds since 2003, helping them overcome the challenges that life presented.

In her late teens whilst show jumping, her horse fell on her, leaving her unable to walk for 7 months due to back pain. Being a cross country runner at the time and a horse trainer (training 10 horses per day) inability to walk was not an option! After months of frustrating and unrewarding hospital visits, she pursued alternative options.  She attended a chiropractor, who got her back on her feet again -literally! Not only did her back pain improve but the headaches disappeared.  General well-being was enhanced. Having received the benefits of chiropractic alongside other complimentary therapies, Chidi wanted others to receive the same hope, care and inspiration, so in 2003 her new career path began…

Chidi Lynn

Chidi Lynn’s Education & Training

Chidi completed a 5 year *masters degree in Chiropractic at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) in Bournemouth.  Prior to her *Masters in Chiropractic, she qualified in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hypnotherapy, The Bowen Technique, Hot Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, Orthopaedic Sports Massage and Neuro-Muscular Therapy.  An array of ‘tools’ allowing treatment adaptation for each person that presents for her care.

Since qualifying Chidi continues to complete courses, not only for Chiropractors but also for other Allied Health Professionals including physiotherapists, Osteopaths and the medical profession to update her skills ensuring each patient gets the most up to date care required for their needs.

Problem Solving

Chidi has a passion for figuring out problems.  Her belief is “everything has a solution” and will do her utmost to find it.  She respects that “a person should not be limited by another’s limitations”, therefore if a challenge is beyond her scope, she will source a more suitably qualified practitioner to provide her patients with the best outcome.

Though Chidi specialises in treating athletes and has worked with various Football teams inclusive of Southampton Football Club‘s First Team, she prefers the individual approach to optimising patient recovery and performance.  She continues to support people from all walks of life from the person with a sedentary desk bound lifestyle to those competing in the Olympics.

Chidi Lynn Chiropractic
Chidi Lynn Chiropractic


Chidi’s successful role within Practice has provided her with a wealth of experience in treatment, management and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.  Her reputation has resulted in people travelling from outside the UK to seek help with their conditions.  Chidi’s clinical reasoning is second to none and she will find the solution that is best required for each person that presents to her.

She has an outstanding success record. She believes that nobody should suffer unnecessarily – chemically, emotionally, physically or environmentally. By improving the mechanics, function and balance of your body, alongside education; you can be the best version of you!

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    Hannah Clifford
    30/09/2021 - Google

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    wood and resin designs Avatar
    wood and resin designs
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    Lauren Lawson
    30/04/2021 - Google

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    Roger Hart
    30/03/2021 - Google

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    Elizabeth Hitchcock
    30/03/2021 - Google

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    Ryan Ford
    30/03/2021 - Google

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    Yvonne Roberts Avatar
    Yvonne Roberts
    30/03/2021 - Google

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    Sue Armstrong
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  • Kayleigh Lewis Avatar
    Kayleigh Lewis
    28/02/2021 - Google

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    Simon Coulson Avatar
    Simon Coulson
    28/02/2021 - Google

    Fantastic service, Chidi is a miracle worker, cured my pain straight away 🙂

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    Bianca Searle
    30/12/2020 - Google

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    30/08/2020 - Google

    Highly, highly recommend!!!

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